The Music House loves that we continue to receive the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, awarded to those who continue to receive rave reviews from our guests! This annual award is given to those who consistently receive excellent reviews. We are so proud of the reviews that we get on this site as well as on Facebook. Not only do people love our museum and tour, they also love our staff! Congratulations to are amazing docents and staff.


We encourage anyone who has not experienced this amazing place to come and take a walk through the history of the artistry, history and science of music. This truly unique museum is a fascinating guided tour through the human desire to make music a part of their lives from the earliest simple music boxes, to player pianos and amazing dance hall and fair organs, through early recorded sound and radio. And guests actually get to hear many of these beautiful instruments play. It is a treat for everyone, especially music lovers, history lovers and science lovers.